Audio Tours

Book of Life: Family Bibles in America

Beginning in the late eighteenth-century, Bible publishing houses began to market a new brand of the King James Bible: The Family Bible. The Book of Life: Family Bibles in America tells the history of the illustrated Family Bible in America and the new innovative features it contained which helped each family personalize their Bible. Join Dr. Tricia Pongracz, Director of Curatorial Affairs at MOBIA, as she describes the elaborate illustrations and unique family stories which can be found in the pages of the Family Bibles on display.

6 Bibles are discussed in this two-part series.


Efforts to supply Scriptures to American troops date from the last few years of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), when plans were made to give a copy of the Bible to each man enlisted in the Continental Army. Finding Comfort in Difficult Times: A Selection of Soldiers’ Bibles showcases the evolution of the pocket-sized “Soldiers’ Bibles” which were sent to American soldiers from 1860-2011. This audio presentation provides a window into the life of the soldiers who used these Bibles.

14 Bibles are discussed in this two-part series.

On Eagles Wings: The King James Turns 400

Produced by a committee of 50-odd scholars who labored for about seven years at the behest of James I, the Bible known as the King James Version appears forever young as it turns 400. On Eagles’ Wings tells the story of this iconic Bible from the moment of its conception in January 1604 to its last scholarly revision in 2005. Join Dr. Liana Lupas, Curator of the Rare Bible Collection @ MOBIA, as she presents milestones in translation, printing, typography and illustration, and reveals the secrets behind one of the most celebrated books in the English-speaking world.

52 Bibles are discussed in this eight-part series.