Bible Portrait Gallery

Bibles with illustrations were first printed in Germany in 1478 or 1479. The earliest editions had woodcuts, hand-colored in some copies, depicting biblical scenes and heroes or persons believed to have written the books of the Old and New Testaments. Soon depictions of royal sponsors or famous translators were added to the iconography of printed Bibles enhancing their authority and proclaiming their fidelity to the original text. Whether historically accurate or purely imaginary, these portraits provide a background for the editions they embellish and a key to a better understanding of their significance.

Our Bible Portrait Gallery will bring together images selected from the Rare Bible Collection@MOBIA. The first item in the series is taken from the 1611 edition of the King James Bible. A new item will be added every other week.

The Gallery:

Bible in English, 1611

Bible in English, 1539

Bible in English, 1568 (Part 1)

Bible in English, 1568 (Part 2)

Bible in English, 1573

Bible in English, 1535

New Testament in English, 1552?

Metrical Psalms in English, 1631

Bible in Latin, 1526

Old Testament in German, 1524

Bible in German, 1550

Bible in English, 1537

Gospels in Gothic, Icelandic, Swedish, and Latin, 1671

Bible in Danish, 1550

Bible in English, 1792

Bible in Latin, 1492

New Testament in English, 1731

Bible in Latin, 1540

Bible in French, 1866

Bible in Spanish, 1569

Bible in Latin, 1720