Faith Comes By Hearing

"Faith Comes by Hearing" New York: American Bible Society, 1998

“Faith Comes by Hearing”
New York: American Bible Society, 1998

In 1953 American Bible Society began distributing the Talking Bible, a set of 169 audio records with a running time of 84 hours and 30  minutes. It was the first recording of the King James Bible in its entirety. The text was read by Alexander Scourby (1913-85), an actor known for his beautiful deep voice. Though ABS was initially aiming to reach the visually impaired, as technology evolved, it became possibly to use audio recordings like this one in new ways, as part of a ministry to those who lack the ability or inclination to read. In the 1990s ABS entered into partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing, an organization committed to bringing the Bible “to the world’s 50% illiterate population” and used its recently published New Testament in the Contemporary English Version to produce two different sets of cassette recordings. The first one, released in 1991, targeted young Americans in general. The second version, described here, was especially designed for young African Americans.

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